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Event Name: Deposit Capital and Get Double Bonus Event

Event Partner: Platform’s New User

Event Period: Starting from 20th June 2022;

How to Participate: No need to register, customer will automatically participate in the event after depositing for the first time


  1. The more you deposit during the event, the faster you can upgrade your level of bonus. Upgrade to the highest level to receive double bonus and enjoy the release of bonuses earlier
Bonus Level Deposit Bonus Forex Commodity CFD Cryptos
Bonus Level Deposit Bonus Forex Commodity CFD Cryptos
A1 $500 500 3 3 3 30%commission
A2 $1000 1000 4 4 4 40%commission
A3 $3000 3000 5 5 5 50%commission
A4 $5000 10000 6 6 6 60%commission
A5 $10000 20000 7 7 7 70%commission
The bonus rules are according to the table below, the corresponding level and product can be obtained with each lot traded

2. Within 24 hours after the first login, clients can re-deposit again to upgrade their bonus level. Only valid deposits will be recorded within 24 hours and the corresponding level rewards will be issued after grading;

3. The bonuses rewarded by this event are only valid for 30 days, and the bonuses that are not released after the expiration date will be forfeited

4. Customers can participate on this event at the same time with another event to get multiple gifts

5. The lowest amount of deposit for this event is $500, if the net deposit does not reach $500, it will be regarded as not participating or withdrawing from the event;

6.If the customer withdraws from this event, the released bonus won’t be affected, and the unreleased bonus will be invalid


How to Collect:

  1. The bonus will be issued 24 hours after the first deposit, and it will be distributed after completing the transaction
  2. Released bonuses can be withdrawn and traded


  1. Customers need to open a real trading account on this platform in order to participate on this event
  2. Calculation method: Opening and closing an order are both counted as one lot, so one lot is counted back and forth, the opening and closing of an order must be during the event period.
  3. Limit one bonus per IP address/family/person/account
  4. The bonus achieved by the number of lots traded in the current week will be released at 9 o’clock next Monday
  5. During the validity period of the event, customers can voluntarily terminate their participation in this event. After terminating their participation in this event, the platform will make the settlement according to the event’s rules
  6. The platform will not be responsible for any delay in data transmission, loss of data, data error or inability to identify due to computer and/or network communication or technical problems, failures, accidents or any kinds of situations. The above event records are subject to system records
  7. If the platform suspects that the customer is misusing or are using other ways to misuse the bonus, and perform abnormal operations (such as hedging orders), the platform has the right to stop the customer’s new transactions and ask them to cancel all the bonus they had received as well as canceling all their transactions. 10% of the account balance will be deducted as administrative fees as an appropriate measure
  8. This platform reserves the right to revise, suspend, terminate this event and any relevant rules and terms and the right to interpret it at any time